Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Hat...

...trying to come up with something Jeff's daughters would actually like and might keep and wear this year. Jeff said one liked hats, she does not like to do her hair, he says. Well, I found a cute hat and since it is no longer sold on that site, I decided to make my own like it.

I am not that happy with the brim, I tried to make it from memory. Think I may take the buttons off, unravel it and redo it. It is also a little tight. I used a I hook, think the next one I will bump up to a K. I may just post this one on Etsy to sell it as a preteen hat. I was working on it at the beauty school, while Jeff got his hair cut, it was a hit with the girls there, even had to give one of them my email address. I told her to give me a week before I got it down to where I like the look.

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