Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mad Hatter eat your heart out!!

This year I decide to post the Gir hat on eBay and Etsy, little did I know how many I would sell!! I sold 7 Gir hats and a Bender hat. The Bender hat was a special request for a large size. I added an extra row bumping up to a row with 10 and 2 dcs. The hat is a Christmas present, so I will not know how it fit till the new year. This year I also tried my hand at a Jack Skellington hat for my oldest son Dale. It turned out great! So great, that Bryce wants one for him and his girlfriend. I have gotten to the point where I can complete a beannie base in an hour or less. I started a SpongeBob hat only to find out the person I was making it for hates SpongeBob. I put the hat to the side till after Christmas because there was other things to get done and started an Eeyore hat for her. Not sure if she will wear it but oh well I can say I tried. No pics of that hat yet, been working on the ears and another hat.

Here are a few pics of what I do have done.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mario Hat!

Jeff loves Mario, so what else could I make him but a Mario hat!
Now to get the Luigi one done, so we can wear our hats and play together.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

V-stitch Scallop hat

I get bored easily!! So, I am going to start carrying a hook and yarn with me. As long as my job is done I can do what I want at work. Today I made up this hat and then wrote the pattern down.
I really like the way it turned out. Going to make one in black for me to keep, then try to sell a couple. The hat goes together fast and is fun to make.

Jack Skellington Hat

Every year I start thinking of some unique Christmas present I can give each of my sons. I get ideas from them, things they like, or from their brothers. This year I asked Bryce if Dale would like a knit hat with skulls on it or a Jack Skellington hat. Bryce told me hands down a Jack hat. Here is the finished product. Kinda proud of it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nick's dolphin hat

This was inspired by Nicholas. He loves dolphins. Anyone want to swim with the fishes? I see a whole world of whales, sharks, fishes and so much more.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I sold, created and shipped 2 Nibbler's the past month. Then we moved, will get crafting when we are settled.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The PINK Gir Hat

YES!! You read that right PINK! My son's has a girl that is friend that went crazy over his Gir hat and I asked if I could make one. BUT it had to be pink with a purple tongue. Well I did it, but I am still not sure about it. She loves it and that is all that matters.

Monster Hats...

I GOT THEM DONE!!! WOO HOO!! Check out all the "Monsters." An YES I finally think I have got this dang pattern figured out so the first ear flap can be stitched, without breaking the yarn and attaching it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Etsyteam Hookers

YEP!! I made it, I received my email that I was accepted. I am so excited about this. Hopefully it will help get me out there a little bit more with Etsy and selling things.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nibbler aka Lord Nibbler

This was so much FUN to make!! Behold Lord Nibbler the from the planet Eternium. He was created for Bryce's 16th birthday. Thank you so much to Hook&Needles for the wonderful pattern. I did not completely follow it, but it did help a ton to point me in the right direction.

I used doll joints to make his arms and legs moveable. I did not like the idea of not being able to pose him. An of course I had to create a ham for him. Just wonder if I should of made it bigger.

His cape and diaper are made of felt, I was worried about the fabric fraying and I really did not like the way the crocheted items looked. His booties are made of yellow cotton yarn. I thought they would be easier to take on and off clean if needed.

Bryce wants me to make his space jump suit next. I would like to make another and make the brown robe, that is a girl, with the bow around the third eye. She looks a little more friendly than the males. I am planning on making one to auction at Starfest also. Thinking of trying a Nibbler hat when I can get to it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Gir Hat

The Gir Hat!! Made for Bryce for his 16th birthday.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Mohawk Hat

I love it when I get inspired to make something. Check out the Mohawk Hat in crochet. Personally I think this would be great for a teenage boy. Even my 19 yr old got a kick out of it. Only problem is for some odd reason when I put it on, I get a strange urge to start clucking. Wish I had thought of this 25 years ago, the high school I went to in Florida was the Warriors. I may have to make one for a reunion and wear it then.

Monster Book Update!

I kept looking and looking at these when I would walk by them and thought "They just do not look right." Well last night I had a brain storm and fixed their eyes.


Only problem now, is I got told that the book had 4 eyes! So do I hit the store and buy more eyes or say to heck with it, I like them the way they are.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Monster Books are done!!

Check them out!! The monster books are done. Complete with eyes, teeth and a tongue on one. They are alot of fun.
Look for them to be on auction on Starfest 2009 in Denver!

Hun War Helmet Hat - Genghis Kahn

How about a new hat? The Hun War Helmet - Genghis Kahn eat your heart out!! Anyone want to go raid China?
Inspired by the terrific war helmets, when this one got close to be done, I could just not add the horns I had to add the ball on top. Going to make one with half the bands and horns for all those Viking fans.
Looking for the pattern? Check out my FREE pattern site.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The birth of a monster

I was asked to donate something to the charity auction at Starfest last year when we where at the Mountain Con Convention. I seemed to be in a Harry Potter mood at the time and I decided I would make a Monster Book of Monsters for them. One problem, the book in the movie is brown, the book in the book is green. So, I decided to create one of each. One for them to auction and one for us to auction. Also, the one son says be true to the books, the other says make it like the movie, more people will recognize it. It is not done yet, but I had to post my progress.

I started with a priority mail box, here it is all folded up. I am not sure if this size is still available or not.

I then used Caron Simply Brites Coconut yarn in a strip, done in SC in front and back loops to give the effect of the pages.

I put it on the side of the box and ran some yarn across the "binding" of the book back to hold it in place.
Here is what the other side looks like.

I used Lion Fun Fur in black and brown as I did not think the brown rust color was montersy enough looking.
I stitched the ends down on the top and bottom end of the book. Then I stitched the sides of the book. For some reason there was more brown than black yarn, so I used it to stitch it to the white.

Jack likes to sing to me when I am doing anything, including sewing. He just learned the Adams Family theme song.

I used a yarn needle to pull out the fluffies on the sides of the book. Here it is so far. Still trying to figure out exactly how to do the eyes, mouth and teeth. Thinking of making a belt out of felt and buckle to put around it like the mention in the book.

Still to make for the convention: Bender hat size large and child size, Brain Slugs, Monster Book of Monsters Green, Tribbles.

The evolution of a hat...

Took a break from yarn, after the black hat was done. Made a TON of candy and pumpkin bread and enjoyed the holiday.

Ok, pretty simple request...his step sister has a hat with ear flaps and a face on it, he wants one. No problem, Mom can make anything. Found a simple ear flap hat pattern, make a hat, put a face on it.

Well here was hat #1...

Mom, it does not fit right, the weave is to wide open. Problem, though the pattern says it will fit men, it doesn't. The head above is my woman head.

So, I start over, next hat....
Changes made... hat is bigger around for a "man" head, the back is lower to make the neck warmer. Modeled by my 12 year old Nick. Problems? The front is not long enough, wants it closer to the eyebrows...NO PROBLEM let's start over.
What do you want?? Longer in the front, like the back length, add mouth and eyes. Ok, I can do this!! Hat #3!! Longer in the back...has a mouth crocheted in, eyes added after, and the eyes have to be different sizes.

YES!! We have a WINNER!! Hat is loved and greatly appreciated. Then in the fabric store (yarn is on sell on at JoAnn gotta go) looking at yarn. See the Bernat camo, ask my son that is letting his hair grow out, because his ears are cold. "Do you want an ear flap hat, like Nick's?" Anwer "Yes, but I want a face on mine, but no tassels and ties." LOL think we have created a monster hat!! Here is Erik's hat.