Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The evolution of a hat...

Took a break from yarn, after the black hat was done. Made a TON of candy and pumpkin bread and enjoyed the holiday.

Ok, pretty simple request...his step sister has a hat with ear flaps and a face on it, he wants one. No problem, Mom can make anything. Found a simple ear flap hat pattern, make a hat, put a face on it.

Well here was hat #1...

Mom, it does not fit right, the weave is to wide open. Problem, though the pattern says it will fit men, it doesn't. The head above is my woman head.

So, I start over, next hat....
Changes made... hat is bigger around for a "man" head, the back is lower to make the neck warmer. Modeled by my 12 year old Nick. Problems? The front is not long enough, wants it closer to the eyebrows...NO PROBLEM let's start over.
What do you want?? Longer in the front, like the back length, add mouth and eyes. Ok, I can do this!! Hat #3!! Longer in the back...has a mouth crocheted in, eyes added after, and the eyes have to be different sizes.

YES!! We have a WINNER!! Hat is loved and greatly appreciated. Then in the fabric store (yarn is on sell on at JoAnn gotta go) looking at yarn. See the Bernat camo, ask my son that is letting his hair grow out, because his ears are cold. "Do you want an ear flap hat, like Nick's?" Anwer "Yes, but I want a face on mine, but no tassels and ties." LOL think we have created a monster hat!! Here is Erik's hat.

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