Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crochet vs the Cockatiel

OK!! What is it with my pets versus my hobbies? This is Capt Jack Cockatiel and he does NOT like me do anything that takes away from him. He will perch on my fingers while I am crocheting (see pic) and sing and sing. Then get mad attack the hook if I ignore him. If I am working on my laptop or desktop, he jumps on the keyboard and taps and taps, then attacks the keys. Then he starts saying "Come Here" or better yet cat calls me. I have been reading about male cockatiels and he is the typical male. He will bob his head up and down with me, hold his wings out a little and try to woo me. He is also jealous of my son Erik. If Erik is in the room with me, he gets louder and louder, trying to get my attention. Gotta love him!

Of course the cat is not much better!! He jumps up on my lap and rubs everwhere until he gets some attention.

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