Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dr Zoidberg Hat!!

It's official...I have gone over to the crochet side in a bad way. Presenting my latest creation the Dr. Zoidberg hat complete with mouth flaps. The burning question is will I stop soon...the answer "Ah, heck no, I still got Christmas, to make presents to delight other people with." I actually found a Gollum/Smeegul hat, perfect for the son with dual personality of the two. And other things I have got my brain working on. But after the convention, I have to get two baby sets done. I had two nieces born in July and one due in October, all where due in October. Sadly one of the twins passed away and other is still in the hospital. But I would like to get something to her.
Will keep you posted with pics, ecspecially if I get carried away again.

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Anonymous said...

To dang cute!