Monday, September 22, 2008

Mountain Con 4 was OK...

...think my boys had more fun than I did though. Check out Nick and his alien. His "saviour" is a good friend of the family.

They decided to have it about 30 miles north of Salt Lake. I can understand why, they got the convention space for a song, but the turn out was terrible. As for having a good time, no I did not. Now I do not know if this is because I was comparing it to Starfest or not. But then that is like comparing an apple to an orange. The liquor laws in Colorado sure do make a difference. The bar is right there in the atrium in Denver. In Layton it is a private club and the drinks can not be taken out of that area. Keep thinking a few drinks would of made it better. The stars at Starfest where ones that everyone knew, Mtn Con, where older stars, Sarah Douglas for example, best known as Ursula from Superman 2. But on a good note the brooms, hats and Harry where a hit. Planning on doing it again at Starfest, but this time will auction off Harry and the Futurama hats will be for sale, auctioned and some Harry things provided to a charity auction.

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